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On Hold Marketing Alive and Well

Welcome to the Sold on Hold blog!

For our first post, we want to clear something up…

With the internet all powerful in the communications world and landline use getting less by the day, people tend to assume that on hold marketing is soon to be a thing of the past. While the conclusion is logical, it’s actually inaccurate.

To be sure, on hold marketing is not as prevalent as it once was, say in the pre-Internet days, but consider how often you’ve been on hold in the last couple of weeks. It has probably happened at least a few times that you can think of even just off the top of your head. Being put on hold is still a regular occurrence in business – it is still far from rare. Therefore, it is only sensible that professional companies are prepared for the inevitability of placing customers on hold.

Many people tend to assume that because the cell-phone has pretty much replaced the landline in homes across North America, that this means that on hold marketing is soon to be a thing of the past too. Perhaps this is because people associate on hold marketing with older technology, but some on hold marketing methods such as remote dial-in are highly sophisticated. There are a further two points to that assumption too. Firstly, much business is still done on fixed line telephones. Secondly, you can still be placed on hold even on a cell-phone.

Ultimately, the on hold marketing industry is alive and well. Businesses are still receiving phone calls, and that means that people are being placed on hold. The industry is much smaller than it once was, but many of the companies that remain are highly specialized and have embraced new technologies. For as long as people are calling companies, on hold marketing will be around.

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(Author: Vincent Jones – Head Writer/Account Manager at Sold on Hold)