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A: No, we tailor the packages to your needs, you can have the full package which includes equipment, scripting and recording services, with licenced music and the voice talent of your choice, or if you have the equipment or decide to buy the equipment, you can simply choose our script and record package. If you don’t need our scripting service you can simply choose the record option, which includes your choice of voice talent and music from our library.

A: Yes of course, we make sure you are happy with the script before it is sent to production. Our scriptwriters work directly with you to develop the messages for your recording.

A: Let us first assure you that this doesn’t happen often, but in the unlikely event…..No problem. Whatever you don’t like, we’ll make right. All copy must have your full approval before it is sent to production. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We want you to be completely satisfied with your Sold on Hold messages and recommend us to your business associates.

A: You can choose from any of the music selections in our licensed music library. Your project manager will help you find music that works for you; however, you can’t use commercial music. In other words, music has to be licensed to play over a public phone messaging system.

A: From single locations to multiple locations we can serve your need. If your organization is large, as an option, we have special remote download equipment that automatically loads your new message to all locations. This is especially helpful if you are changing your messaging regularly or you want to eliminate the need for each location to remember to load each production.

A: You can update your on hold package with us at any time. We offer special rate packages with several update options. We also offer the option of purchasing a single update.

A: We can provide your recording on a tape, CD, or MP3 or wav file.

A: The messages play in a continuous loop, so the caller jumps in at whatever point the message is at when they are put on hold. This stops the caller from hearing the same message every time they call in and allows them to hear the other messages.

A: Most phone systems are compatible and require either MOH port to plug in your on hold device or if your phone system is more advance and relatively new it may have on hold built in it and all you require from us is the audio file. Consumer based phones with 2 to 3 lines that simply plug into a wall jack without a pbx system (the brains that control the phones) will require additional equipment, these phones usually sold in big box stores. Single line phones are not compatible with on hold.

A: No, you can rent or buy the equipment from us or buy equipment elsewhere. One advantage in getting the complete package from SoH is the equipment we provide are high quality players for optimum sound and we include a 100% a immediate replacement warranty to ensure your always up and running. If you already have your equipment, we can provide the recording to use on your device under a variety of packages.

A: You need a piece of on hold messaging equipment or an on hold enable telephone that can accept mp3 or .WAV files. When it comes to equipment we use the most reliable, user-friendly and state-of-the-art equipment available to the on hold industry. Our most popular machine is our USB machine, but we also have cassette, CD and DDF Remote System options all of which have sound quality that exceeds telephone bandwidth resulting in the best quality sound possible. . All of our equipment is easy to use and we provide you with everything you need to get started. We’ll even walk you through the installation process!

A: The amount of hold time your business has and how frequently your callers phone will determine how often you want to change your messages…i.e.: if you sell snow blowers in winter and lawnmowers in summer. A Sold on Hold representative will help you determine the amount of hold time your business has and recommend a program for you. We also contacted you periodically to remind you to freshen up your messages.

A: No. The music and messaging is licensed through Sold on Hold. You can relax and enjoy the benefits of on hold marketing. In most states and provinces it is illegal to play commercial music or even the radio without licensing.

A: Typical turnaround time is 5- 10 working days from placing your order.

A: If you've subscribed to our writing services one of our professional writers will create your script and then our voice-over talents will voice your Sold on Hold production. The choice between male, female or a combination of both (at no extra charge) , blended with a selection of licensed music ranging from classical to rock and country, gives you the variety to mix things up and enjoy the sound of your own radio station.

A: Yes you will, but Sold on Hold is far more effective than the radio.

A: Absolutely! We offer professional voicing in English and as a special request, additional languages. Additional pricing for translation and multiple languages apply.