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After over a decade in the on hold business, we have served clients large and small, from dental offices to International Hotel chains, and we can provide a voice recording to meet your messaging needs. Take a moment to listen to the selection of samples below.

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All of our voice talent professionals are broadcast personalities. They have the experience and the skills to deliver the voiceover of your script according to your direction, from formal to friendly, serious to sensational. Below are a few samples for you to listen to.

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Grant Grant

With over 30 years of broadcasting experience, Grant has the expertise to make your on hold messages come alive! Whether your script requires a sensitive and thoughtful read, confident and corporate, or an enthusiastic high energy delivery, Grant has the range to accomplish your voiceover goals with clarity. Client’s that select Grant as the voice of their project, stay with him for years due to his consistent voiceover quality and sincerity. There’s a reason he was voted one of the best radio personalities in the region! Grant has a voice that listener’s trust.


For over 30 years, people have put their money where David’s mouth is! David started his radio career at 15 years of age. At 23, he became one of Canada’s youngest morning show hosts. His experience in voicing includes National/Regional TV and Radio, video productions and a host of narration projects.


Jason has spent over 30 years honing his voice acting skills. From the classic radio sound, to being the guy-next-door, to dramatic audiobook reads, Jason is a well rounded talent and is an ideal brand voice for clients in tourism, business and culture. Heard in explainer videos, concert promos, radio & tv commercials, gaming and more he’s able to give your script life and connect with the listener.


Jasmin's career spans over 30 years of Radio and TV broadcast experience. Currently she is Program Director of 2 radio stations. Jasmin can deliver your on hold messages with style, persuasion and her own unique flair.


With 27 years as a radio host, Heather is a seasoned radio personality and voice talent. Her ability to take direction and inject her own personality into each voiceover creates an authentic outcome. From confident & professional to a fun & playful read Heather provides a voiceover range that delights clients.

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Peruse the find your sound

Music sets the mood, calming or playful, energetic or soothing; the music you choose can engage the caller or make them hang up. That's why we stock a massive selection of music genres, to ensure our clients find the right music for their on hold message.

We have over 50,000 music tracks for on hold productions. Our professional team will work with you to find the right music for your business.