It's your newest
potential customer...

On hold and listening to every word

The Sold on Hold Benefits

Competitive Pricing & Flexible Packages

Sold on Hold offers more than just recorded messages.

Our professional scriptwriters work closely with our clients to develop personal messaging that reflects their business. Our voice talent are all professional radio personalities with years of experience; our state-of-the-art recording studios provide top quality sound, and  our music library holds 1000’s of music selections to help our clients find the tunes they want. We offer flexible packages to make sure we accommodate your unique requirements.

And we offer a 100% guarantee.

Take Advantage of Thousands of Marketing Exposures a Year

Sold on Hold offers a valuable marketing opportunity. Placing customers on hold is a reality in business, even small companies are surprised at how often their clients are placed on hold. Placing as few as 4 calls on hold for just 30 seconds results in over 8,000 callers placed on hold for over 65 hours of air time a year. 

Capitalize on a Golden Opportunity

Think about it, is there a better audience than a current or potential client? An on hold caller is targeted, qualified and captive. On-hold marketing has an edge over radio advertising by speaking directly to a potential client. Radio ads become background noise and are considered an irritating interruption to programming and music. Your advertisement is just one of many on the airwaves and the cost of radio advertising is expensive.

When you put it all together – on hold marketing makes the most of a marketing budget. 

Benefit From the Most Underestimated Business Tool

Create a more personal connection with your clients while informing them of products and services. 88% of callers surveyed prefer to hear product information on hold and will stay on the line longer if provided with this information – roughly 20% said that they have purchased additional products based on information they heard while on hold.

On-hold marketing can help increase sales and offers an excellent ROI – why not take advantage of this remarkable opportunity?

Build Your Brand

On-hold marketing allows you to build your company’s brand and position yourself as modern, interactive and professional. It gives your business a personalized voice. Sold on Hold gives you the power to inform and educate.

Advertising budgets are developed towards enticing potential customers to call their businesses. Sold on Hold makes sure callers experience a professional service.

Reduce Hang-Ups & Caller Frustration

Studies have clearly shown that having “interesting messages on hold” results in fewer hangs ups, reduced caller frustration and perceived less hold time versus silence or radio. Improve your customer service with Sold on Hold!

It's The Best Way

Silence (AKA “dead air”): Silence on hold is boring, unprofessional, creates frustration, leads to hang ups, has no marketing value and creates a poor first impression. Ultimately, dead air presents uncertainty.

Radio: Radio is entertaining but you have no control over what is played. From negative news or distasteful music through to a competitor’s ad – playing radio on the line is no substitute for a professional on hold marketing plan. 

Sold on Hold: A professional on hold marketing plan from Sold on Hold educates, informs, entertains and capitalizes on the opportunity presented by placing customers on hold. It creates a competitive edge, builds your image, turns a potential negative into a positive, improves customer service levels and is very cost effective. It’s the best way!