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Voicemail, IVR, Voice Prompts & More

First Impressions Count – Professional Voice Services to Suit all Your Needs

We offer our clients a range of services to suit all telecommunication needs. We know technical terms can be confusing, so we’re keeping it simple by offering easy to use services, flexible packages and quality voice productions.

IVR and Voice Prompts

(Interactive Voice Response - to keep your clients informed)

IVR (interactive voice response) is a technology system that most people have used. IVR is a system that manages call flow, through an automated voice message and the caller’s keypad or vocal responses. For example, if you call your bank to check your balance you can access the information you want without speaking to a human. This allows business to handle high volume calls efficiently and offer information by telephone 24/7. Our professional voice actors are experienced in voicing IVR menus and can voice a top quality IVR production that follows your style and direction.


(Voicemail Prompts – professionally produced to engage your callers)

This is another popular service. Exactly as it sounds, a voicemail production sees our professional voice actors voice a client’s voicemail message service. This service provides a professional gloss to a company’s image.


(Computer efficient messaging with a personal touch)

This is often confused with IVR but these are two different products. Auto-attendant answers the call for you, and offers the caller options. This allows the caller to be transferred to the desired extension without the need for an operator. With IVR the caller never talks to a human, instead the auto attendant directs the caller to the person they need to reach at the extension they have selected. For example, the auto- attendant is the voice that asks the caller, “for the Marketing Department please press 1”. Our voice talent will be happy to record professional and personable auto attendant messages for your business.

Greeting & After Hours Messages

(Stay in touch with your clients)

A greeting or after hours message can reduce caller frustration by giving your caller useful information, such as opening hours or holidays. These productions are useful for all businesses that receive calls after hours. Our professional voice artists can inform your clients of operating hours, products and services. Friendly and professional on hold messages help to keep your company connected to your customers.