Sold on Hold offers more than just recorded messages.

Our professional scriptwriters work closely with our clients to develop personal messaging that reflects their business. Our voice talent are all professionally trained radio hosts with years of experience; our state of the art recording studios provide top quality sound, and  our music library holds 1000s of music selections to help our clients find the tunes they want. We offer flexible packages to make sure we accommodate your unique requirements.

And we offer a 100% guarantee.


Choosing the right on hold company to work with is very important. Your on hold messages will only be as good as the company you choose to work with. With over 25 years’ worth of experience and thousands of customers across lots of industries many companies have put their trust in Sold on Hold and here’s why you should too…


We're Professional

We’re a specialized on hold company that’s been dedicated to providing quality on hold marketing to clients throughout Canada and the USA for over 25 years. Our creative writing team is made up of professional writers, we work with voicing artists with backgrounds in radio, all on hold productions are recorded in our on-site audio studio and are produced by our dedicated team of sound engineers. Every step of the way, your on hold production is in the hands of a professional. Not only that, but all of our professionals work in the same building meaning that your on hold production always receives great attention to detail. As a professional on hold marketing company, we also have a vast database of licensed music from Jazz through to Metal for you to choose from.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee covers all of our work 100%. It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. From script writing and finished on hold production quality through to our on hold equipment, everything is covered 100%. We back our work because we believe in our work. As a company, we want to provide all of our clients with the best possible experience. That is our challenge and it’s something we strive for day in, day out.  Our guarantee is a part of our commitment to you, our valued customer.

With Sold on Hold, you get complete peace of mind.

Flexible Plans

We work with clients big and small across many different industries, that means our on hold plans have to be very flexible and they are!  Our plans are the product of 25 years’ worth of experience, market research and industry understanding. We offer cost saving 1, 2 and 3 year annual terms that include 4 to 8 on hold messages per production and anywhere from 1 to 24 script changes per year through to “pay-as-you-go”/no contract one off productions, web audio, voicemail prompts, narration and so much more. We also offer customizable, built to suit options, meaning that whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.


All of our work is competitively priced offering fantastic value for money. On hold marketing, particularly from an experienced company with a proven track record such as Sold on Hold, offers one of the best marketing ROIs out there! In many ways, the question isn’t how much does it cost, but how much will it make? On hold messaging is an investment, working for you whenever you place a client on hold as a professional salesperson. Not only that, but we’re constantly evaluating our packages and pricing structure to ensure we’re offering one of the best products in the industry. We compare ourselves to our competition on a regular basis, so you don’t have to! We’re really do mean it when we say we’re committed to excellence.

Simple Process

Getting started with Sold on Hold is extremely easy. As a professional on hold marketing company, we believe that we’re the ones who should be putting the most work into your on hold messaging. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! For over 25 years we’ve been doing our best to make sure that our process is a simple as possible for our clients. These days, we’ve got it down to an art and the process for getting started involves just three very fast and easy steps. Click the button below to learn more about our process.

Scheduled Reminders

We’ve mentioned it a few times already, and it’s a running theme through our business – we strive to make things easy for our clients. Another way in which we do this, is through scheduled reminders. We know you’re busy, so one of our writers will contact you periodically to remind you to update your on hold messages. That way, you get the most out of your on hold marketing.

Customized Messages

Your business is unique, so your on hold messaging should be too. While we offer a number of package options, all of our on hold productions are entirely customized. That means we write specific messages for each and every business that we represent. We don’t cut corners, or use the same script template for multiple businesses – we come up with new content that is worthy of your business, brand and message. This is another example of our commitment to you, and something that has seen us work with thousands of customers throughout Canada and the USA for over 25 years.

Everything Under One Roof

From preproduction script writing, through to voicing and producing, your on hold production receives professional attention every step of the way. Our professional writers, customer support team, audio studio and sound engineers are all located in the same building. This setup means that throughout the entire process, your Sold on Hold rep can tell you exactly where your production is at. Our professional setup is not an industry standard, it has been built on the back of 25 years’ worth of success. With Sold on Hold, you can rest assured that your on hold production is in professional hands.

We're Experienced

Remember 1996? Bill Clinton was the US President, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was in its final season and the Spice Girls had their first number 1 with “Wannabe.” It was also the year that Sold on Hold was founded. In the 17 years since, we have earned the business of thousands of companies big and small, and learned a great deal about the on hold industry and effective on hold marketing strategies. Our proven track record of success speaks for itself, but we’re as committed to excellence now, as we were back then.

Customer Service Focused

Despite all our professionalism, quality work, reliable machinery, competitive rates and industry professionals, we’d be nothing without our valued customers. We may have worked with thousands of clients, but we treat every customer like they’re our first. We work extremely hard on customer satisfaction, and this intense focus on customer service combined with quality on hold productions has seen us achieve a 90% customer retention rate year on year.