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On Hold Choices: 3 Options, 1 Winner

When it comes to managing what on hold callers hear, there are essentially three options available to businesses. However, there’s only one winner. Here are the three options…

OPTION 1 – Silence or “Dead Air”

Silence or “dead air” while on hold can lead callers to believe that they have been on hold far longer than they actually have. This is frustrating and irritating for your customers, will lead to more hang-ups, and lost opportunities. Silence is not professional and it does not provide any marketing value.

OPTION 2 – Radio

In some jurisdictions, playing the radio over your phone line is actually illegal. However, even if it isn’t illegal in your area, playing the radio to your customers who are on hold is not the best idea. After all, you have no power over what is played on the radio, and your customers may even hear a competitor’s ad while they are on hold with your company. Again, this option does not provide any marketing value.

OPTION 3 – Sold on Hold – Professional Music on-Hold or Messages on-Hold – “THE WINNER”

Sold on Hold allows you to have customized messages/licensed music on hold and impress your callers with a professional sound. On-hold marketing enhances customer service, boosts sales opportunities, educates, entertains and informs callers and presents a fantastic marketing opportunity. Even if you go with music on hold, rather than customized messages, this will still be much less frustrating for your callers than silence, and a better option than radio as there is no risk of a caller hearing a competitor’s ad!

There’s one other thing to keep in mind; when it comes to marketing, any kind of marketing, don’t wait for a downturn in sales to start investing in marketing, execute your plans while business is good! That’s when your marketing plan will be most affordable to you, and you will have a naturally higher organic reach. Moreover, if your business is taking many calls, it is time for some on hold marketing!

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(Author: Vincent Jones – Head Writer/Account Manager at Sold on Hold)