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How to Record an Effective Voicemail Greeting Message

For last month’s blog post, we looked at ten important phone answering tips for small businesses. We’re continuing along that theme this month, but this time we’re looking at what happens when you can’t take the call – we’re looking at how to record an effective voicemail greeting message.

Ok, so first things first, at Sold on Hold, we offer professional voicemail greeting recording for an extremely affordable rate – we can have one of our talented voice actors take all the pain out of the process, and record a strong, effective greeting message for your voicemail inbox!

However, we understand that some folks decide to go it alone with voicemail greeting recordings, so we thought we’d offer some advice for the people that choose that course. After all, with over 15 years’ experience in this industry, we’ve learned a thing or two! Ok here goes…

Figure Out Exactly What You Want to Say

Write out what you want to say before recording your greeting. It sounds obvious, but deciding what you want to say beforehand can help a great deal. Be sure to use your name and, if possible, try to provide the caller with an alternative way to contact you.

Find a Quiet Place to Record

Make sure you record your message in a quiet place. Not only does background noise sound unprofessional, but the caller may also think you’ve picked up, which can be a frustrating and irritating experience.

Speak Slowly and Clearly

Again, this sounds obvious, but it is important to speak with clarity and at a pace that can be understood by the caller. Don’t rush through what you want to say, particular if you’re providing an alternative phone number or an e-mail address. In fact, if you’re leaving information like that, it’s best to repeat it.

Stick to the Point

Avoid the temptation to have a long greeting – keep it succinct and to the point.

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(Author: Vincent Jones – Head Writer/Account Manager at Sold on Hold)