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Sold on Hold – It’s Marketing Gold!

In today’s media saturated market place  how do you make your  message stand out  in a world overcrowded with advertisements.

Reaching the audience is the number one problem for all marketing initiatives, and marketing specialists know the value of having a captive audience.

So here’s the good news that will save you marketing dollars and increase your ability to market directly to your customers.

Every day your business has access to a captive audience.

An on hold messaging service gives you a direct line to your audience that instantly elevates your message above the external advertising noise.

In fact, your on hold message is a service to your customer. According to a study from USA Today, executives spend an average of 15 minutes a day on hold.  Imagine reaching your clients to promote your services or product for 15 minutes each and every day.

A study by North American Telecom records that callers who hear commercials while on hold will stay on line for up to 3 minutes longer – why – because the message is tailored towards clients and offers valuable information on products and services.

A survey by the PH Media Group found that 73% of consumers do not want to listen to beeps or silence, in addition, a recent CNN survey found that 70% of callers who experience silence while on hold hang up within 60 seconds.

Besides being an opportunity to connect with your customers and promote your products and services, on hold messaging can provide information that reduces the call volume. For example, frequent calls about hours of operation and holidays can be answered in an on hold message, dramatically reducing the call volume.

When it comes to drafting your message, here are a few tips to consider.

Timing is crucial, a one minute message for an average hold of five minutes will leave your customers feeling frustrated as they hang on to empty airspace, and wonder if their call is still in a queue or if they should redial.

Scripting is key to effective messaging. Your message needs to be clear and concise while offering relevant information that is of benefit to your clients and not just a blatant plug for your products.

Delivery, a properly paced and voiced message helps the client absorb and remember the details.

Music, think about the demographic of your clients when it comes to your music selection. Heavy rock might not suit a dental office; soothing melodies may be the wrong choice for an auto mechanics.

And feel free to insert humor or a personal touch to your message; chances are your customers will appreciate the human connection.